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Vyne @BGC: Stay away from the Gross Chicken Roulade

This is supposed to be another Wonderful Weekend Adventure post. But I'm afraid it wasn't as wonderful as I'd planned. Sad face.

Vyne is a modern bar and resto found on the 8th floor of W Global Building in BGC. If you've partied at Hyve before, Vyne is just right across it. This is the resto that people can grab a classy and expensive dinner before blowing the rest of their cash at Hyve afterwards.

Before going to the resto, we went to SM Aura first for the Blogapalooza event. I think, I'll write a blog post about that in the distant future.

This is me and my sister just posing in front of the fountain at Serendra. 

So first things first, why are we even at the resto? Well it's all thanks to Deal Grocer. I got a voucher from them worth P1000 for around P600. I bought two vouchers and got P2000 worth for just P1200. So it's a 40% discount, not bad right?  But the food was really pricey, so we only got to try four food items plus drinks.

Me and sis have to take a selfie of course. :D
We're not hipsters but yes, we like taking photos before we eat. Problem? ;D
Oh, just wanted to point out that all the Tapas (Appetizers) were served on a piece of slate instead of on a plate. It's so cool!  

First Tapas: Sisig Empanada P250
When we were done taking our photos and selfies, that's when we started eating. We ate the Sisig Empanada first. That was glorious. It was hot savory, the crust was flaky and soft. And I loved the filling so so much. That was the best thing I've eaten ever. well of course at that time, I was also quite hungry then. You can dip it in the vinegar or in you can put some of the sauce on the slate. But wether you dip it or not it's awesome all the same. Just one small complaint is that there is only 5 pcs on the plate.

Second Tapas: Beef Wellington Burger Sliders P495

The next one we ate was the Beef Wellington Burger Sliders. Those were okay. It's just three small pieces of mini burgers. I wasn't too happy with that fact. But they tasted okay. Juicy and flavorful all the same, but the bread layer is a little hard. Might be because they made it in Wellington style. So yeah, needs some improvement.

Third Tapas: Korean Fried Chicken P380

The next thing we tried was the Korean Fried Chicken. These were pretty good. On the plate were 6 pieces of wings (or 3 whole wings) that were deep fried and coated with a sweet glaze and  sprinkled with sesame seeds. They tasted okay and the dip was pretty good too, but gawd the serving size is small.

Our drinks: Lychee Martini P280 and Maitai P220
The drinks were delish too. I loved my Maitai. It was sweet and fruity and oh so alcoholic! XD My sister chose the Lychee Martini, but she wasn't too happy with her choice. haha. I'm glad the waiter knew the drinks menu well enough to recommend a decent drink to me.

Now on to the last part of our meal. the main dish. This was supposed to be the best thing from the items we ordered because it's a friggin MAIN DISH! Like a Main Event in a boxing match, every other fight is not even worth watching, you're there to see the Main Event.

But this Main dish was a serious disappointment. *Sigh*

Main Dish: Chicken Roulade P420

At first look, the chicken roulade looked pretty good. It was served on a large white plate this time and had swipes of sauces on it and mashed potatoes as base. You gotta admit it looked like a pretty darn good dish. I'd like to think that the Chef of this resto is quite proud of their presentation of each dish. And I totally agree. The presentation is amazing. But you have to have decent ingredients. And this one didn't.

Here's the thing, I know what old chicken smells like. I've stocked chicken as well and forgot to cook it until weeks later. When I actually cooked it (Well not me, my sister did) it smelled bad and this dish smelled way worse. Chicken Roulade is basically chicken breast that is rolled with cheese and then baked, not fried. And baking doesn't hide the smell of old chicken at all. I'm also thinking that the old stock of chicken used in the Korean Fried Chicken is the same stock of chicken used for the roulade. But since the KFC was DEEP FRIED, the old chicken smell and taste was totally masked. Therefore it was delicious.

Another thing to note is that the chicken looked raw. It looked raw and gross and disgusting and I didn't want to eat it at all.

Gross looking Chicken Roulade

I told the waiter that the chicken was gross and looks raw. And they said it was fine and that it's cooked properly. So I just thought "I guess, they don't accept returns?"

Raw looking Chicken Roulade
What started as a pretty good night out ended a bit awkwardly. I wasn't hoping for a refund or anything but I was hoping they'd use fresh chicken or otherwise warn people not to get Chicken Roulade. Oh well. *Shaking head*

I left them the feedback that the chicken wasn't fresh, and they were like "Thanks." That's it. :(
Aren't you going to do anything about it? You're just gonna keep using old chicken aren't you?

Overall, I think Vyne is Okay. The place looks fantastic and it can be a cool hangout for friends. The service is quick. I quite liked the drinks we ordered and the food is okay too, but if the ingredient isn't fresh, I'd rather not order it. Another complaint is that this place has a very small serving size of the food. And this is common throughout all the items we ordered. I guess you're paying for the presentation. But yeah, if you ask me if I'm going back to this place, Hell No. The food is too pricey and I'd rather just cook my own chicken roulade at home than pay almost 500 for old stock chicken roulade.

Eight Floor, W Global Center,
9th Avenue Corner 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

Food Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan

Visited: October 2014


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