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Carla's Hong Kong and Macau Trip - 5 Day 4 Night Itinerary - P35,000

My mom and me during the Tramoramic Tour
Earlier this 2017, I went on a trip to Hong Kong with my Mom for 5 days. It was my second time to visit the city so we did not visit most areas that I’ve seen before. Below is an overview of the itinerary of our trip to HK and Macau in 2017. Added an asterisk on the landmarks/areas we visited.

Day 1 – Flight to HK and General City Stroll
Flight to HK – Arrive around 10 am
Ride the Airport Express to Hong Kong
Got out at IFC mall, and got lunch
*Hong Kong Observation Wheel
*Central Pier Station
Got on a Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui thru Pier 7
*Clock Tower
*Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Check in at Hotel and rest
*Food Trucks at the HK Space Museum
*HK Bay area
*Heritage 1881
Strolled around and got dinner, lights out

Day 2 – Disneyland
We only went to two spots on this day.
*Temple Street night market

Day 3 – City Tour
*Tramoramic Tour across Central ave
*Western Market
*Times Square Mall
*HK City Hall
*Chater Garden
*Bank of China
*Cheung Kong Park
*St. John’s Cathedral
*Peak Tram Terminus
*Victoria Peak
*Trick Eye Museum
*Hong Kong Day
*The Peak Galleria

Day 4 – Macau Day Tour
Generally, a casino hopping tour. We took a ferry ride from HK to Macau. ^_^
*Galaxy Macau
*Grand Lisboa
*Tai Lei Loi Kei – best pork chop bun
*Se Catedral
*Sun Yin Park
*Lou Kao Mansion
*Tim Ho Wan – Takeout nook
*St. Dominic’s Church
*Jerky Street ^_^
*Ruins of St. Paul
*Wynn Macau
*Macau Tower
*Wynn Palace Cotai
*The Parisian Macau

Day 5 – Final city tour and Flight back
Checked out from the hotel
*Mongkok Street Market
*Excelsior Hotel for Lord Stow’s egg tarts
Went to the airport for the flight back

The overall cost of this trip for the both of us was around 35k. Or around 17k per person for the trip. Or just 3500 per person per day! This already includes the airfare, travel tax, hotel fee, and the pocket money we used to spend for everything we ate and bought and other items I purchased beforehand thru Klook.

It wasn’t as cheap as I would have wanted, but c’mon we went to Disneyland! That alone already costs almost 7k for the entrance fee. Disneyland was expensive but totally worth it!

I’ll post more details on the places we went to on the Per day posts. Thanks for reading!


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