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3N Bakery - Delicious Toasted Siopao that's Better than Daddy's - Review

A toasted siopao is a piece of toasted bun with savory sauce, minced meat and egg filling. Daddy's Toasted Siopao has become quite popular in Imus. But a new contender has arrived, 3N Bakery.

3N Bakery opened near our street corner last week and it's a heaven sent. I've always had a hankering for toasted siopao from Daddy's every weekend but the location is too far to even bother going. But with 3N Bakery, I can buy a toasted siopao by just walking out to their store. Yeeeaaah!

It's very cheap. Just costs 9 php per piece and it costs 115 php for a box of 12 (includes the fee for the box itself)

IMO, the 3N Bakery toasted siopao is better than Daddy's toasted sioapao because it has more filling and it is slightly bigger that the first toasted siopao. I'm only saying that Daddy's is the first toasted siopao because it's the first one I encountered in Imus. I'm not counting the other toasted siopao joints in other parts of the country.

Tip: If you buy pieces of the siopao and bring your own container you don't have to pay for the box. ^_^