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A Souvenir.. from Mama and Papa

On December 28, Mama bought a spanking new digital camera! Its not anything fancy though. Its just a normal one. I think. It’s a Pixel DVm62 camera. Its pretty cool that Mama bought it coz next time that there is a convention we would be able to take as much pictures as we want! Heehee

But two days after that my father suddenly came home and announced that he will buy a better camera and will exchange the one my mom bought for it. He told us to pack up the newly bought camera and give it to him. Problem is, the packaging is sort of ruined already. Akala naman namin kasi sa amin na yon noh! But luckily, despite the spoiled state of the packaging of the other cam they were able to exchange it with a new and better one. It’s the PocketDVm2 from Aiptek. A digital camera that can take pictures, shoot videos, play music, and has games. And wait there’s more! It even has a free cellphone (Nokia 1200) with it! All in all it’s a really great that my parents decided spend their money wisely. heeeheee