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Interesting Intrams

So we had the awarding of this year’s intramurals last Monday, February 18, 2008. It was basically a simple awarding, and we found out which of the players won what. So the IT Department / Feati Computer Society got the following:

Cheering Squad Hall of Fame
Women’s Table Tennis Champion - Julie Mae
Men’s Table Tennis 1st Runner-up - Rodel
Scrabble Champion - Me ^_^
Basketball Mythical 5 - JR

It was a bit depressing though, because the council officers said that there will be a cash prize for all the winners, but we didn’t get any. They said that the cash prize will be given later on. I just hope that they will give it and not just forget about it. ~_~


Anonymous said...

nice work.. u dont know me... i first saw ur pic in naruto buzz.. the one black nd white.. ^^ it triggered my curiousity.. ^^ artistic.. all i can say.. ^^ keep up the good work..


Carura-chan said...

hi mitong...
i wan to ask about the pic ur saying.. i dont remeber putting my pic in narutobuzz.. I want to see it too.. can you send me the link? ^_^