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Effects of Rallying Forces.. Epekto ng mga Nagrarally

The rally last Friday February 29 at Makati City was both awesome and awful. It was awesome because of the great number of protestors that joined forces in order to proclaim their revulsion against the Gloria Regime. It was awful in the case of the people that got trapped in between the police and the protesters. I am one of them.

On the eve before Feb 29, numerous groups declared that they will join in the rally in Makati the next day. This was good news for the other protesters since they know that many people share their views and want to support their cause. Unfortunately, this is also the cause for her Excellency to start moving her cronies to hinder the protest. The main technique that the administration used to do this is by blocking the roads that the protesters will use to get to Makati. If the roads are blocked, then there won’t be any protesters getting to Makati, henceforth no rally. Seems like a pretty good idea to stop government destabilization, but the problem is..the roads are used by everyone, not just protesters. The traffic brought about by the major road block was sickening, and I mean you will really get sick. They blocked the roads for hours! It was a major headache not only for the protesters but to the civilians as well. Lots of people got stranded. Luckily I still got home without much trouble because by the time that I was bound for home the road block was almost to its end. But still I got stuck in traffic for 3 hour because of that stinking roadblock. Damn!

After all that happened, I cant help but think.. Who is really to blame? If the military didn’t block the roads there wouldn’t be any traffic, but on the other hand If the rallyist didn’t bother to rally there wouldn’t be an action to block the roads. Wahh.. Just Leave PGMA Alone!! Stop Rallying!!