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Tips on using Uber in Manila

Here are some tips on using the Uber app to get around the city. This is mostly from my experience and I make sure to do them every time I request for an Uber car to ensure efficiency and to save time.

Tip No. 1

Set the pin as accurately as you can on the map of the app.

Don't just rely on the GPS of the application to set your pickup location.
Make sure that you align it as close to your actual location as possible.
Try to zoom in on the map as much as you can so that the name of the building is already visible. If it doesn't show the name of the building in Uber, check your Google Maps app for the right area. It should look exactly the same on Uber, sans the name of the area.

Tip No. 2

Don't ride during Surge periods!

Surge prices are crazy. They range from x1.25 of the regular fare to x3.
Cray cray! So if you can still wait, let the surge price end. Just check the app every 10 minutes or so until the surge ends.

Tip No. 3

Contact the driver immediately after requesting pickup

One sure way of wasting time is just letting the driver figure out where you are exactly. and figuring out how to get there. Try to send him a message with your exact location, any landmarks nearby and anything he has to know in your area. 

In my case when I request for an Uber car in UP Ayala Technohub aka UPA, I always tell the driver to stay on the right lane of the high way. There is this low barricade that starts before he gets to UPA and keeps going until welcome rotonda. Which is already past UPA. If the driver doesn't stay on the right side of the barricade he won't be able to turn right into the UPA entrance. Two drivers ended up going around welcome rotonda and taking a U turn under Tandang Sora all over again, just because they didn't stay in the right side of the road. From then on, I make sure to send them a text message immediately so they'll know.

Tip No. 4

If sharing a ride, don't use the split fare option in the app.

If you ride with Uber, I don't immediately think that you are the frugal type. But Uber is used mostly for convenience. Specially when there are no available taxis and there is no other way to get from point A to B. But hear me out. The split fare option in the app charges an additional 10 pesos to both your card and your friend's card and whoever else you split the fare with. So to lessen the charges going around. Just split the fare between each other manually. If I use my uber app, and it charges on my card. I'll expect my friend to pay his/her share after. And if we use my friend's phone, I'll pay him/her for my share in cash. 

You each save 10 pesos!

Tip No. 5

Get the driver's contact number

The company says you can get a "Private Driver" right? So why not get the driver's contact number? I do this when I need to get the car that I rode in last time. And the driver is the same guy who will be driving that car at a later date. So I always save the driver's number for future use. 

So that's it. Those are my tips on using Uber here in Manila.
If I have more tips for you, I'll make another blog post for it!

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