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A Scrabble Scramble

Last February 15, I joined in a scrabble contest in our school. Me and another player, Marlon-niisan, were the players for the IT Department. I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea how the hell scrabble is played, it was my first time to even play it. But why was I even in the contest? It was because of a stupid idea that participating can help boost the IT’s points in the intramurals. You see, the overall winner of the intramurals is counted not with the number of golds thay won but with the games they participated in. For example, If the IT won 4 golds out of 6 contests and didnt join the other 2 games, but the COB won 2 golds out of 6 and joined in all 6 games. The winner will be the COB. So that is why I joined, to add to the number of participants. I didn’t really care if I won or not, what mattered to me was that I joined. Fortunately, scrabble was pretty simple, you just have to form words from the tiles that you get and then place them on the board. The word must be connected to a letter of another word. I guess we were just lucky. Coz in the last part of the final game we were in last place, the other players were 10 to 20 points ahead of us. Fortunately we were able to use up all tiles first. Which means that all the other teams will have to minus their scores with the tiles that they haven’t used and the score of all the tiles they didn’t use were added to our score. So we won. Hihi Talk about sheer dum luck. Heehee