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Is that from Herschel? Naw It's from SM Accessories!

I got a new bag for my HK trip!

It looks similar to a Herschel bag but is waaay cheaper! It only costs 499.75!
It's from SM Accessories. I got a green one for my sister and this blue one is for me. :)

I'm posting this after I went on my HK trip and I swear I saw a whole ton of people with bags that look just like this, Herschel or not. :D
And when I say a whole ton, I meant maybe 4 or 5 people at random occasions while going around HK. We even saw someone on the flight home with the same backpack. XD

Here's a photo of the actual Herschel bag in case you're wondering:

Photo from Tactics.com

Thanks sibling +Joulle Andrei Lee for telling me about it!!