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Graham Balls: Sweet and Yummy Balls of Happiness

'Tis the season to indulge ourselves with sweet and decadent treats...and what better way to start off the season right is to eat.... GRAHAM BALLS - yup, that's right... Marshmallows covered with crushed grahams and milk powder!

 A few days ago, +Joulle Andrei Lee told me about these things and said I should try them out. So I ordered a box of Graham Balls for the price of 144 pesos from Kuya IT.

These are basically chocolate marshmallows covered with sweetened crushed grahams and sprinkled with milk powder. Sounds simple enough. But boy were they good! Mmm mm deee lish!

Life cycle of a Graham Ball: Grab it from the box, look at it, bite it, bite again, all gone!!