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Café Breton: Fantastic French Fare

Café Breton is one of those homey, simple, nice restaurants that you can visit once in a while when you have a hankering for something french. :P
I like that they have a branch right in the plaza of UP Ayala Technohub. That's my previous work site. So when we're already tired of pantry food, KFC, and Bonchon, we go there. :)

I've only tried to eat at Café Breton twice and these are a couple of pics of food items that I tried there.

The first time I ate at Cafe Breton, I just got a sandwich

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The other time, we only went there for merienda so I got a Caramel Liegeois

I also tried their bacon cheeseburger at some point but I was so hungry that I didn't bother to take a photo. wahaha The burger was friggin delish tho. :)

The ambiance of the restaurant is nice, you can see the bar where they make the coffee drinks, you can watch them make the crepes there, and that's also where they assemble the sandwiches. The crew is friendly and they respond quickly when you need something.

Overall, you won't go wrong eating at this restaurant for lunch, dinner or just a snack. :)

Café Breton
U.P.- AyalaLand TechnoHub,
Commonwealth Ave UP Campus,
Quezon City (02) 355-6917