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Eats in Marikina: Cookie Mug Snack Lounge

Cookie Mug Snack Lounge is a tiny cafe on the second floor of this modern looking building on Lilac Street. I saw the photo of the cookie with milk on a blog and I wanted to try it out myself!

This place is the main reason why I went to Lilac Street in the first place. Wahaha

Hello Betty Boop. 

We got 2 small cookie shots from the counter and paid P68 each. It's cheaper if you just want the cookie shot, but I wanted to try it out with the milk while we were there. 

Cookie Mugs and cookie shots selection.  

Coffee selection and flavored milk menu.

I really wanted to try the caramel milk or the mocha flavored one, but they were not available at the time we visited the cafe.

Compulsory selfie/twofie XD

A few minutes after paying for our order, they served the cold milk in cute tiny jars along with the cookie shots.

The cookie was nice and chewy, the chocolate was delicious, and combined with the cold milk that you drink out of the cookie makes it oh sooo wonderful!! XD

Of course we took several insta shots before eating the cookie shots.

A photo posted by Carla (@carurachan1) on

A photo posted by Carla (@carurachan1) on

A photo posted by Carla (@carurachan1) on

I absolutely loved the cookie shots!! XD I'd love to try the other variants of the cookie shots too. I'm definitely going back to this place!!

Cookie Mug Snack Lounge
116 Lilac Street,
SSS Village,
Concepcion Dos,
Marikina City

Visited: August 20, 2016
Adventurers: Ana Carla Pagulayan, Kat


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