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Eats in Marikina: Gao by Mandi's Crispy Sisig

On a crazy rainy Saturday afternoon, my friend Kat and I tried out a resto in the "Maginhawa" of Marikina, Lilac Street. We saw a lot of restaurants while walking around the place but we chose to eat at this orange colored restaurant that we saw in Bentt building.

Gao by Mandi's is on the ground floor of Bentt III. We were enticed mainly by the P99 peso deal plastered on their window. XD The place is designed with posters of race cars and the beatles posters on a background of bright orange. I don't see the connection with the name of the place, but we'll just roll with it. wahaha

Gao has a menu of meals, along with ready to eat viands that you can choose from. Price ranges from P90 and up.

 Kat and me while waiting for the crispy sisig. 

The crispy sisig takes around 7 minutes to be served because they still refry the pork before serving it.

Crispy Sisig Meal P99 

Lechon Kawali Meal P90

The Crispy sisig was very good. Waiting for the meat to be refried is worth the wait since it makes the meat and fat all crispy again. 

They also have a pretty neat drinks selection, and these are all non-alcoholic. XD

 They have 8 flavors that can be mixed to make 8 new drink flavors.

Purple Brew. 

Since I love purple, I chose the Purple Brew which is a mix of Blue Lemonade and Red Iced tea. Tasted pretty good too. A little too sweet tho, I mixed it with another glass of water to spread out the flavor.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the delish meal and awesome service. The waitress was very friendly and was telling us about the resto while waiting for our order. The owner's husband also came in and said hi. Would love to come back again! :D

Gao by Mandi's
Ground Floor, Bentt III Building, 
75 Lilac Street, 
SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, 
Marikina City

Visited: August 20, 2016
Adventurers: Ana Carla Pagulayan, Kat


Josephine said...

My all-time favorite, Sisig! I'm currently living in Marikina but I never tried to visit in Lilac, this is a good hunt! Thanks for the reviews