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Dohtonbori @SM North: My First Awesome Okonomiyaki Experience

It was my first time to try out authentic Japanese style Okonomiyaki last Sunday at Dohtonbori!! It was awesome! We tried out the Dohtonbori branch at SM North Edsa, Main Building. :)

First thing we noticed when we got there was the line. My friend Dana and I met up in front of the resto around 11:30 am, almost lunch time. While waiting for a table, we checked out the menu and chose what to order.

We went with the Cheesy Pork Okonomiyaki :D

 The Yakiniku looked pretty good too, so we ordered it as well!

We waited for around 20 minutes before we got a seat. The place was really packed and lively.

There was also the overwhelmingly delicious smell of cooking meat. Just can't help salivating. :D

We were brought to a table with a teppan, or the metal griddle in the middle of the table. :) It's for us to cook the okonomiyaki and other items on.

Within minutes, a server approached our table and asked for our order. We ordered the okonomiyaki and the yakiniku, we also got a side of gyoza and two rice sets.

The place is full of interesting Old timey Japanese posters! Makes you feel like you're in a movie set!

 Anybody know what the text on this wall says?

Also love the red lanterns lining the ceiling.

Our server came back with the raw version of our orders ready to be cooked. Except the rice set of course, wahaha!

Pork Yakiniku P180

 Gyoza P120

Cheesy Pork Okonomiyaki P240
See those square thingies on the right side? Those are mozzarella slices!!

Rice Set, 1 cup  of rice and 1 cup of miso, P90

Let's pretend that we did the cooking here. But really we didn't. Wahaha It was absolutely enjoyable just watching the server to mix and cook the food in front of us while we were sipping our unlimited House Blend Iced Tea.

Unlimited Iced Tea P120

The server started cooking the okonomiyaki first to make sure that it gets cooked around the same time as the other items. He even has a timer! 

Stages of an Okonomiyaki:

 Raw as hell, with cheese

 Flipped and almost cooked

 Cooked and glazed with the teriyaki sauce

Added the Kewpie Mayonnaise  

 Added the stripe design along with the bonito flakes and nori bits

Sliced into 4 parts and ready to eat.

The entire meal was cooked simultaneously on the same teppan. :D

This is us pretending that we did anything close to cooking the food. XD Actually, we just held the utensils for the shot. wahahaha

Here's the food, all cooked and ready to eat! The entire cooking time took probably 20 minutes or so.

I was really happy with the okonomiyaki we tried! The cheese was gooey and it was simply delicious! I would prefer it if the pork was cooked before it was mixed in the entire pancake mix, but it still tasted pretty good. I'd probably try it that way next time. :) 

Their pork yakiniku was heavenly too! It had a very tasty marinade, and it was cooked perfectly with crisp sides and still tender middle parts. I loved it with the soy sauce and lemon dip too. (sosyal version ng toyo at calamansi) 

Only the gyoza and miso soup were the "Meh" parts of the meal. Everything else was brilliant!

Overall, Dohtonbori's okonomiyaki is something I'd definitely try again! I'm planning to go back soon with my siblings next time and have them try to cook their own okonomiyaki. Wahaha
I can already imagine the mess! Til' next time!!

SM North Edsa, G/F Main Building
02 3724576

Visited: August 7, 2016
Adventurers: Ana Carla Pagulayan Dana Pena


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