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Maple @Shangrila: The First Try and First time I got sick from restaurant food

The Food Explorers visit Maple in the new East Wing of Shangrila for this Weekday Adventure. Although by the time this is posted, the East wing wouldn't be too new anymore. lol

Maple is located at the lower ground floor of Shang. Since the area is below ground, it's quite hard to get a decent cell signal. I can't connect to the internet down there! Well this issue is mainly for Smart subscribers. So there.

Anyway, Maple is a charming place with chandeliers, wine bottles on walls, and red booths. But they have some quirky deco too. There's a huge tree cutout on the wall and there's also a corner with a bookshelf and little stools where you can read books. I'm not too sure what the books are tho, maybe you can use that area for your kids. :)

Thanks to +Deal Grocer, we got to eat here at a discount.

The menu has the feel of a storybook. 

Cute placemat :)

I was accompanied by my dear brother Renz that day. I call him Bingot. hehehe

We ordered several items on the menu.

Appetizer of a a freshly baked sticky bun, with butter on the side. I'm only saying it's a sticky bun because it was glazed with something sticky and sweet. :P

Swiss chocolate Buttermilk Pancake P360

Look inside! They have chocolate filling between each pancake!

Eggs benedict came with fries

Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch! P315

Naw I'm kidding it's just regular Eggs Benedict on the menu, but I want to call it Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch just for fun. Love Benny. :D

Iced Coffee (I think, I don't know what these things are called for sure) 
It has coffee and ice so I guess it is Iced Coffee

For me the place has a pretty nice ambiance, awesome waiters, and mostly great tasting food. The pancakes were soft, fluffy and delicious. The eggs benedict was too salty for me. haha Never getting that thing ever again. But the Iced Coffee drinks were fantastic! Loved those!

Okay here's where we go from the review of the restaurant to the food's effect on me. I rarely have issues when eating out. But this was the time that I had a stomach issue right after we left the restaurant. Well not exactly right after, I was able to walk out of Shang to help my brother catch a bus home. And I was all set to go to work, but then I felt like I needed to puke, my stomach started to hurt, and I felt dizzy. I couldn't go to work. I was supposed to go to work after our meal, that was like my breakfast. But I just didn't have the strength to commute to UPA at that time. (I was assigned to UP Ayala Technohub and Shang was still 1 hour away.) I was really effed up. I couldn't leave the washroom. And because I have little tolerance for pain or any discomfort I was crying too. I guess I limped myself to an area where I could ride an Uber then I told the driver to take me to the condo. And that's where I suffered for the next 12 hours. I still don't know what went wrong with me or what was wrong with the food. But after that I thought I should stop eating out forever. But of course, the next week I ate out again. I liked the food in Maple. But I guess the food didn't like me.We were thinking that the eggs benedict was the cause of my stomach ache and puking. But there's no way to find out now.

Shangri-la Plaza Mall
LG/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing,
Shaw Blvd cor EDSA Wack Wack,
Mandaluyong (02) 477-8027

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Renz Pagulayan
Visited: April 21, 2014