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Gelatone @Greenbelt: Yummy Gelato

For this Weekend Adventure, the Food Explorers visit the quaint resto of Gelatone in Greenbelt 3.

Gelatone is located on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt three right in front of Cotton On. For the record, I consider gelato and frozen yoghurt ice cream. They all fall in the same category to me. :P
I think it has one of the best possible spots for an ice cream place coz everyone who enters GB3 passes by their display.

They have a lot of flavors to choose from. They even have ones with liqour. Like a whiskey flavored gelato and an Appletini gelato. :P

You can sample just a little bit of the gelato before you order. I tried the appletini one and it was reaaaally sour. XD

After checking out the flavors, we went inside the resto to order some food. The voucher I got is from +ADeals. PH and it was worth 500 pesos.

 In a booth, selfie!

Panino Alla Milanese P300

We got a chicken panini and two gelato flavors, two scoops each.

Gelato 2 scoops P99 each cup
I'm guessing we got a Pistaccio and the one I will not forget is the Straciatella. The name is beautiful. It just means vanilla ice cream with chocolate in Italian. Cool, right?

Quick! Take a selfie so I can eat the ice cream!!!
The chicken panini was okay. The tomato inside was refreshing. But you really come here for the ice cream, I mean gelato. I loved the pistaccio but the stracciatella was my favorite of the two.

And that's it! A nice snack in the afternoon for 2 at just P500 at Gelatone.

2nd F Greenbelt 3,
Esperanza St Ayala Center,
Makati (02) 729-6377

Visited: February 1, 2014
Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan