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Waterfront Restobar: Delicious but Pricey Food

For this Food Adventure, the Gulay Gang goes to Waterside Restobar in Solaire Resort & Casino in Pasay.

It was my first time to visit Solaire or Waterside and I have absolutely no expectations. Aside from the idea that it's going to be expensive. Very expensive.

We went here to Waterside Restobar to celebrate my cousin Toni's Graduation from Medical School.
Absolutely proud of her. She's smart, pretty and saves lives. ^_^

Here's the restaurant's menu. Told you it's expensive. There are too many zeroes. 

Waterfront has a bar with a huge selection of drinks. I don't have a copy of the drinks menu so I can only guess. Maybe each drink costs at least 300 per shot. Maybe.

Sea Platter: Grilled Prawns, salmon, squid, mussels and lapu-lapu P3,250

Land Platter: Oyster Blade, Pork black ribs, half chicken and liempo P2,380

Mango Drink - Can't find it on the menu so goodluck with the price

My drink, Raspberry Fizz: raspberry puree, club soda and gingerale. I have no idea how much this is! XD

One of the free Co-stars (sides) of the Sea Platter, Mango salad: Green and yellow mango, cucumber, a little bit of onion, mayo and cilantro.

Sisig: Sizzled pigs head, chili, fried egg & rice P350

Best part of the meal was the Salmon in the Sea Platter. It's the platter with all the seafood. The grilled salmon was soft, pink, fresh, and absolutely delicious. I tried salmon in another restaurant before, and it was soo awful that I swore I'm never going to try salmon again. Check out which restaurant here. But this time, I was glad to try it. Fresh salmon is always the best way to go. And it went really well with the hollandaise sauce.

Each platter comes with co-stars or sides. It's recommended to get rice but try to get at least 1 of the mango sides. It was weird to read out the ingredients: green and yellow mango with onion and cucumber, topped with mayo and cilantro. But it was good!

I also really liked my order of the Raspberry Fizz. You have to make sure you mix it up first, because the raspberry puree is all at the bottom and very tart if you drink it as it is served. After mixing, the bright pink raspberry gets dissolved and becomes a lighter pink. This is the point when the drink tastes perfect. Very much like, more please. hahaha

There were around 10 people on our table and we each ordered a drink, as well as shared the food platters. The total amount came up to more than 10k. Imagine that. I think I'd rather go for a buffet at Vikings instead.

Their ambience is amazing and the service is top notch. It's basically what you're really paying for in this type of restaurant. I'd love to come back to Waterfront just for the salmon, but unless I'm ready to spend 4,000 pesos in a meal, I don't think that is anytime soon.

Great food (Yey for the Salmon!)


Overall: Great but comes at a steep price

Waterside Restobar

G/F Sky Tower,
Solaire Resort & Casino,
Aseana Drive
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay

Gulay Gang: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Carmelita Pagulayan and family
Visited: April 6, 2016