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Uber update: Uber has Wheelchair Accessible Cars now

A recent update to the Uber app on November 3 introduced a new ride for Uber Riders in Manila.

Uber Riders who need wheelchair accessible cars can now ride with Uber thru Wheelmobile. 
Wheelmobile partnered with Uber to provide assistance to passengers with disablities or the elderly.

The option is now available on the app and is just like the other uber options.
Except that it is more expensive:

On this screenshot, the minimum fare is 450 Php. 
And the rate per minute is 7.50 Php.

This will be really convenient for families who don't have access to cars and want to take a family member who is on a wheelchair on a trip around town.

But in my opinion this is far too expensive. 
I hope they can reduce the price of the service at some point. Otherwise they should think of something else. 

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