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Travel: Uber Manila App Update! Easier to check for fare quote and Switched Buttons

In a recent update of the Uber app. You can now check for the fare quote easily without having to click on the Request for Pickup button.

All you have to do now is select the car icon you will ride with. Either Black Car or UberX then you will see the screen showing a field where you can enter the destination

After selecting or searching for the proper destination, the fare quote will show the approximate charge for your ride.

Another important thing to note in the latest update is that the location for the uberX and Black Car buttons have been switched.
The UberX button used to be on the left, and the Black Car button used to be on the right.
Now they switched it so the the Black Car is on the left and Uber X is on the right.

Before the update:

After the update:

It almost got me! Luckily, I always look again before selecting request for uberX
Just be careful which option you select and you'll be fine.

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Uber On! And Happy Halloween!

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