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Favorite Food: Siomai of Siomai House

Siomai House is one of my favorite establishments to buy snacks from. It is just a small kiosk in a corner of a street or in a mall but it never fails to have long lines of people who want to buy their delicious siomai and gulaman. The siomai they sell is only 25.00 for 4 pieces and the gulaman is only 8.00 for a glass. Even if their menu is only limited to these two things they always get sold out everyday. It is always a wonder how they came up with such delicious flavors for their siomai and gulaman because once you taste it you just cant get enough of them.

In case you dont know, Siomai is a like a meatball made up of shrimp, or chicken or pork or a combination of any of these and is wrapped in a thin pasta like wrapper (imagine the pasta being flat and square shaped) which is called the molo wrapper. This is steamed for several minutes in order to be cooked and is always served with soy sauce and calamansi plus chili garlic. Gulaman is a common Filipino cold beverage that is made with water, arnibal and gulaman. Basically gulaman is a gelatin cut into small square pieces and mixed with the water and arnibal. The drink is called Gulaman because the main ingredient is gulaman. Do you get my drift? Well anyways, these two foods are my favorite snacks.. heeheee