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Concentrix Family Day 2014 in Enchanted Kingdom: Awesome!

Every year, Concentrix holds an annual event to celebrate the values of Family with it's employees.
For 2014, the Concentrix Family day is held in Enchanted Kingdom at Sta Rosa Laguna. And it's bloody brilliant!

I've always loved Enchanted Kingdom as it is the best amusement park in the entire country. It has the most spacious park and has the most number of rides. And is also the most iconic because of Eldar Wizard. hahaha Now I've only been in Concentrix for basically a few months. IBM Daksh was only recently acquired, just last February. But despite the short period, ALL EMPLOYEES were able to celebrate the annual Family Day event for free!!

Below are our photos from the event!

Concentrix provided for pretty much everything you need during the event. There were buses that transported families from each site to the venue. This photo was taken from the bus:

An hour later, we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom!

Me, Eldar and Duane

The last time I went here was maybe 2012. So two years later, the place still looks the same. :D
My most favorite rides are the ferris wheel and the ship thingy. they have their own brand name. But it doesn't matter. It's the ride that counts!

I also like this ride below, it's the flying swing kind of ride. Where you sit on a swing on steroids and you are whirled around a tower clock wise until you get dizzy. Wahaha

Customary fountain photo. Never forget to take one when you visit EK.

Aside from getting on rides, there was also an ongoing show in the central area of EK. This is pretty much where employees performed and some prizes were given out to lucky employees.

I wanted to ride the roller coaster on that day, but the line was too long so.... nope.

They have a new film in Rialto now. The last time I saw a film here, it was from Happy Feet. This time it's from Ice Age. It's always pretty cool if the movie is shown on a ride. But they made it better by making the film 3D!!

I miss having a face this thin. wahahaha

More pics of the park at night. Notice that there's a considerable difference in the time of the picture above and the following pictures. This is because we tried to buy food, but the food stalls were packed and we wasted 2 hours just buying food and less than 5 minutes eating it. The food is technically free tho. Because Concentrix gave us 750 pesos worth of GCs. :D

By the end of the day we just used up the GCs at Tom's World. :D We bought P200 worth of tokens.

Last ride for the day. Anchor's away again. hahaha I love this ride. :)

We used up the very last of our GCs at Ice Monster for two big cups of chocolate shaved ice.

Customary Night time Fountain shot.

And that was it! We stayed until the last minute that the park was open and we used up all the free GCs that Concentrix gave us. I gotta say it was a pretty awesome day. Except maybe the long line for the food, everything went better than expected. :D The place was spacious enough to house almost the entire company and the free GCs they gave covered for food, treats AND souvenirs.

Looking forward to better Family days in the future. Thanks Concentrix!:D

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