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7 Day BDJ Box Experience: Covergirl TruBlend Foundation, Covergirl TruBlend Pressed Powder and Covergirl Lashblast Mascara

When I received the BDJ Box for December, I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire box of FULL SIZED PRODUCTS from Covergirl! I was ecstatic! :D

Not that I've never received full sized products nor have I not received a Covergirl product before. But this is the first time ever that I receive a box with only full sized products and not an iddy biddy sample in sight! Call me a happy camper :D

Here's a photo of all five items I got:

Lash blast Fusion Mascara Black
Black Smokey Shadow Blast Eye Color
Trublend Mineral Pressed Powder Shade 2
Trublend Foundation Shade 2
Cheekers Blush Rose Pink

Out of the five items that I got, I was only comfortable using the foundation, pressed powder and the mascara. For me, those items are the easiest to apply, all you have to do is blend the foundation and dab the pressed powder on it. As for the mascara, you just have to swipe it on your lashes. Easy!

I'm afraid of using the eye color and the blush tho. I have no idea how to use them properly. I'm afraid I'd put too much and look like a clown, and I don't want to look like a clown.

Anyway so, here are 7 days of pics of me when I used three Covergirl products from December.
I usually put on some eye shadow and lipstick too.
(I've never purchased lipstick or eye shadow or cosmetics of my own ever. I only got them from either Sample Room or the BDJ Box subscription. :D )

  Thursday: Covergirl mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Hotlights lipgloss

Friday (Party Time!): Covergirl eyeshadow, mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Revlon lipstick 

Saturday: Covergirl eyeshadow, mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Hotlights lipgloss, Fanny Serrano brown gel eyeliner

Sunday: Covergirl mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Fanny Serrano brown gel eyeliner

Monday: Covergirl mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Revlon lipstick, Fanny Serrano eyeshadow

Tuesday: Covergirl eyeshadow, mascara, foundation and pressed powder

Wednesday: Covergirl mascara, foundation and pressed powder, Revlon lipstick

From my experience, the foundation and the pressed powder work well together to even my skin color. I have very dark eyebags and putting on more foundation on that area helps my overall complexion (but not the form, you can still see them, of course) The liquid foundation is really easy to use for me. I've used cream foundation before that dries a lot quicker than this liquid foundation. What happens in my case is that when I put the cream foundation on my face and I didn't spread it around immediately, I'll end up with white splotches that are dried up on my face. I'll have to wipe it off with a wet tissue and try again. With liquid foundation, you have more time to spread and blend it on your face before it dries up. That being said, I still have an issue with putting too much foundation on my face and not so much on my neck. Another good thing with this foundation, is that it lasts even through sweat and oiliness. I just have to touch up a bit on the pressed powder to keep my nose from staying shiny but otherwise the makeup lasts the entire workday without much need of retouch.

While using the Covergirl foundation and pressed powder, I did not see any bad side effects of the cosmetics on my skin. No pimples emerged or any allergies. ( I just try to stay away from Maybelline as much as possible. That's the only product that caused my face to breakout after first use.)
I wish I knew about getting samples a long time ago so that I can try products without having to pay for them at full price. That way I can tell if my skin is "hiyang" to the product or not.

I love putting the Covergirl mascara on my lashes. My lashes look so much thicker! They get more depth with the mascara. And what I like about the Covergirl mascara, compared to the Benefit mascara I got from November, is that it doesn't clump my lashes too much. In other words, I got thicker and longer looking lashes with less clumping. Win win!

Thanks so much BDJ Box for giving out full sized Covergirl products last month!! :D
Visit www.BDJBox.com to sign up. I got the 6 month subscription back in July so the monthly fee is only 550 :)