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Charlie's Grind and Grill @Greenbelt Radissons: Dem Burgers and Fries tho!

For this Weekend Adventure, the explorers try out the infamous Charlie's Grind and Grill at their branch in Greenbelt Radissons.

Charlie's isn't new to me. I've heard of my officemates going to the Charlie's time and time again and they have nothing but praise for the food. This time, I can taste it for myself. :)

I got a discount voucher from +Deal Grocer for Charlie's in their lesser known branch I guess. I've always heard of Charlie's in Kapitolyo but not in Greenbelt. I've been going to Greenbelt for years and I never heard of a Charlie's Grind and Grill there. Apparently, the Charlie's we were looking for was not in the Greenbelt Mall. It was in a different location just named similar to Greenbelt, which is Greenbelt Radissons Condominium.

Gus, My sister Elissa and Me! :D

You can sort of watch them prepare the food from here, otherwise just watch the movie :)

Aaaahh! A King Kong Burger!

Once we got there, the place was empty. save for 2 people who were just leaving. I thought this place was the bomb when it came to burgers so why was it empty? Anyway, we ordered the following items from their menu. The voucher is P600 for P1000 worth of food.

Sticky Buffalo Wings - Half dozen P265

Chilli and Cheese Fries P165
The Wagyu Sliders P280
Black Angus with Shrooms P415

The food costs P1125 in total, so I just paid for the amount in excess, P125 :D

The sticky wings was awesome. It's sweet, sticky and garlicky and I love garlic! The wagyu sliders were also awesome. I always add a bit more ketchup because I love ketchup. But it has to be tomato ketchup. The chili fries were the best! Thick cut potato fries smothered with melted cheese and chili! It was so spicy my nose was running all over the place.

Look at that Chilli!

The bestest best part ever of the meal was the angus burger with portobello mushroom. To be honest, I didn't even know how to start eating the thing. It was so thick that they needed to insert skewers to keep the burger's form. Anyway, I disassembled it and tried the breaded and cheese stuffed mushroom first, it was amazing! The cheese perfectly compliments the taste of the mushroom. And the burger along with all the fix'ins was also uhmaeizing. Gosh. That meal was soo worth it. :)

The staff were really friendly too. We went there around 9pm, and they close by 10pm. So we were the only customers left. They give you everything you need. Water, tissue, utensils, bottle of ketchup, mayo and mustard. They even overheard us talking about Clash of Clans and offered some tips in game. So nice of them. :)

After eating, we walked back towards Greenbelt (the mall) where I set the location for our Uber pickup. I was thinking that it should be easier for the driver to find us if we're in front of the mall. The location isn't really at the mall, but more like the mall is just across the street from us. While we were waiting there, a bunch of street children started asking us for money/food or selling us flowers. It was so friggin scary. There were only three of them but I was afraid they'd grab our phones and run off. We still had to wait maybe 5 minutes for the Uber car to arrive and the kids were berating us for money/food the entire time. This is one major con in my opinion, if Charlie's was inside the mall where there's security we didn't need to be bothered by street children. But hey, at least they didn't steal anything from us right?

Delicious burgers and fries and chicken!
Nobody else is there, staff can cater to your every whim, sortof
Reasonable price
Minimal wait time
Hefty servings, good for sharing

Location is out of way, no security at night

Overall: Great
I'm definitely gonna go back here.
I'm just gonna change a few things like, go there at an earlier time and get a different burger. :)

Charlie's Grind and Grill
Greenbelt Radissons, 107 Aguirre St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 831-5112

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited January 17, 2015