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Free Credits for New Uber Users in Manila - Use code UBERLIBRE200

If you're living or traveling in Manila right now, you should definitely give Uber a try.

Uber is an alternative mode of transport here in Manila. Like in many other countries, Uber is an efficient way to travel with an UberBlack or UberX car. Unlike regular taxis, you get to ride a private car which is clean, new and safe.

If you have the Uber app, you can get P200 P100 free when you sign up. Just search Uber on the app store of your phone. 

Use this promo code to get 200 pesos:

You get to ride different kinds of cars depending on the type of Uber you will choose:
UberX or UberBlack



With Uber you don't even have to pay in cash. The payment is processed via the app itself, all you need to enter is your credit card info. Don't worry, the card info is stored in an encrypted server where it's safe. :)  It's also cheaper compared to the taxi booking apps because there's no Booking fee :)

Here's an estimate of a ride from NAIA Terminal 3 to SM MoA:

With Uber, you don't need to worry about bringing enough "barya" to make the exact payment for the ride. All transactions are charged on your card with the exact amount. No more "Walang panukli" moments!

Uber also has feedback features both for the drivers and the riders. If you ride with a driver who doesn't listen to you, is rude or is overall lost when it comes to directions you can give him a lower rating. You can also file a complaint if the driver does anything to you. On the other hand, if you are a drunk rider and you puke all over their car or if you destroy anything in the car like the seats, they may also give you a low rating.

Another great feature is the Share your ETA link. While on the way to your destination on an Uber car, tap the clock icon to share your ETA. The app will then generate a map with your Uber car details as well as your destination and ETA. the map also has an animated car that will update your location on the map while you're travelling. It also shows when you have arrived at your destination. Pretty cool huh?

So why try Uber?
It's Cheaper
It's Convenient
It's Cool

Use my promo code to get free credits:

You can also register thru this link:

Travel Safe.



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