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Koko Buri: Asian Chicken Goodness

Koko Buri is in the Forum building in BGC.
It's a cool place. Went there with my sister and my mom.

I have a voucher from Deal Grocer with 2 set meals. But since there are 3 of us. I had to order additional stuff.

The voucher covered a meal with sampler of all types of chicken they offer:
Koko Buri Chicken - similar to regular fried chicken, crispy batter with white gravy dip
Soy Garlic Chicken - think Bon Chon soy garlic
Chili Garlic Chicken - think of the spicy Bon Chon chicken

It also came with a side salad, a delicious vinaigrette, a drink of choice between coffee or iced tea and a lemon square for dessert.
DG voucher meal: with the 3 pcs of chicken, salad, and rice

This is me with the Soy Garlic Chicken basket with 6 pcs of chicken - P390 and the rice was P 40

Lemon Squares - part of the DG voucher

My mom and sis. They both got the set meals. ^_^
The Fantastic Lemon Square!

I loved their soy garlic chicken. It was crispy, and delicious!
I also liked the chili garlic one, but not the Koko Buri Chicken. It was boring and bland compared to the other two.
And the Lemon Squares were fantastic, sweet and tart at the same time. Just brilliant.

I had to order the 6 pcs. of Soy Garlic chicken for P 370 and a cup of rice for P 40.

Total Bill: 
P451 for 3 pax plus DG voucher value P660

Good Points:
Great Ambiance
Servers were attentive, friendly and very nice
Food tasted great
Portions were big
Place was clean

Bad Points:
Expensive chicken, but good to try ^_^
In the middle of nowhere. It was a ways away from SM Aura and Market Market. 

Final Score: Awesome!
Will go back to this place when I get another voucher. ^_^

Koko Buri: House of Rising Chicken
2/F Forum South Global Bldg, 7th Ave cor Federacion Dr
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 565-5446


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