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Expired Chilli Garlic Sauce

A long long time ago, I think around August 2013. I asked a friend to buy me Sriracha from Canada. 
I ordered 1 bottle of Siracha hot sauce, and 1 jar of the chili Garlic sauce. Both items are made in the USA, from Huy Fong Foods.

I know it's cheap. But I didn't realize that the shipping would take so long.
It took around 5 months.
I was really ecstatic when I heard that the shipment has arrived this month. Finally.

But when I was going to use them, I realized that the chili garlic sauce was already expired.

Both of the sauces I ordered, Sriracha hot sauce and the Chili garlic sauce

The Sriracha hot sauce was still fine. The expiry date says until Nov 2014

Reminds me of the botulism handout photo
Just looking at the bottle of the Chili Garlic sauce though, it already reminded me of a lesson we had in Home Economics. The lesson was about recognizing botulism in canned food, and this looks like the same thing.
It's clear that some sort of chemical reaction already happened because the bottle has collapsed inwards but it was still sealed.

Expired on Dec 2013
I got both sauces on Jan 18. -_-

I'm just happy the Sriracha sauce itself is still usable until November 2014. ^_^

Lesson: Don't order food or sauces from another country, if you don't know when you'll receive it. Coz
you might get it when it's expired.