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Bigoli: Unlimited Iced Tea, Unlimited Garlic Bread and Delicious Pizza, Why Not?!

My sister and I visited Bigoli on the top floor of Trinoma, near the cinemas one weekend.
I've got an A-deals voucher for 1 quattro gusto pizza and 1 Formaggi pizza. Despite just the two of us, we were able to finish most of it. hahaha 

Quattro Gusto Pizza - came with the A-deals voucher

Me and my sister with the pizza
This is a leftover Formaggi pizza. It was even more delicious with the Sriracha Sauce! ^_^

It was the first time for me to try eating at Bigoli that day. It was a sort of self service restaurant. You have to go to the counter to place your order, pay for it and get a number. I also ordered a 4 pc Italian Chicken and 2 unlimited iced teas in addition to the Adeals pizzas. The great thing about having to wait in line to order food at the counter is the fact that you don't have to pay for service charge. All your money goes to food. Brilliant!

Now, it was a really pleasant surprise to find that the garlic bread was unlimited. I mean their garlic bread was delicious!! It was freshly made, soft and definitely garlicy. I just used garlicy as an adjective because you can't describe it any other way. Every now and then a server with the garlic bread basket will pass by asking if you want more garlic bread, and we always say yes. 

For the unlimited iced tea, they will give you a glass and a straw at the counter. 
Now it's all up to you to go to their beverage booth, as I called it, and get your own ice and fill your glass with as much iced tea as you want. Cool! ^_^

Total Bill: 990 for 2 pax (and a lot of left overs)
Iced Tea P60 each = P120
Italian Chicken 4pcs = P250
A-deals voucher = P620

Good Points:
Great location, inside a mall
Servers were nice
Huge portions
No Service Charge
Unlimited Garlic Bread
Cool ambiance
Refillable Iced tea
Affordable food that taste amazing

Bad points:
There were so many people that you had to wait quite a while to be seated.

Final Score: Awesome!
Definitely going back to this place with or without a voucher.


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