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A vacation in Canlubang…

Hey there! I’m currently having a so called vacation in Canlubang right now, in the house of my Tita Menchie. Why would I have a vacation in some body’s house instead of some beach resort or park? Well, the fact is that im not reall on vacation, its sort of an escape really. Its an escape coz I want to escape from the virus of bulutong or Chicken Pox in our home.

Last month, around the time that me and my thesis partner Sianne were finishing up our documents for our presentation, my brother Duane was sick of bulutong. We didn’t really bother with it at that time, until he got better. When he got better my sister Mayell and Bingo also got bulutong, a few days later my father also got infected with the disease. And later on My mom and teng was also starting to feel out of sorts. I really didn’t want to get infected with bulutong so me and my mother went here to “escape”

Bulutong or chicken pox is a skin disease that is shown by a fever and lots of red inflammations in the skin that are like pimples but its even worse because it has pus coming out of it. And what’s worse after having bulutong, you get scars all over your body from the red inflammations. And for me having those on my skin would be a nightmare!! So I gladly escaped from it and stayed here in canlubang.

Coming here to Canlubang has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of coming here aside from escaping from the virus of bulutong is that there is free internet, well at least until Toni left because she has the laptop with internet connection. Another advantage is that the food here is always good. I mean back at home the food is almost always canned or gulay or none. Hehehe But here there is always some tasty food in the fridge. In addition, this place is nicer in terms of furnishings. Its got aircon and microwave oven and the tv has cable channels (although the cable is not really intended to be there, its just accidental because the cable wiring of a neighbor with cable tv is really close to the antenna of this house so I guess the antenna picks up the signal of the cable channels.) Another advantage is that I can use the computer and tv anytime I want. At home, I almost always have to fight with my sibs in order to get to use the computer privately, but here noone else knows how to use the computer but me. Hehe As for the TV, my aunt has her own tv set in her room so I get to use the other one in the living room. Yaha!

The disadvantage of coming here is that well its not as fun as it is at home. At home there is always a fun kind of noise. Noise from everyone laughing or my mom telling her account of what conspiracies happened in her school, or the cries of my brothers when my father taunts them, or the cries of my youngest brother Bingo when my other brother Duane teases him. I actually miss it. Another disadvantage is that I think im getting fat here. Well it because theres a lot of food and the food taste good so you want to eat it. Even if you are full. Well, I just hope I wont get too fat.

Anyways, staying here allowed me to experience another kind of life aside from the one that I usually experience at home and even though its better, I think I will stay with the old one.