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Baslisk: Kouga Ninja Scrolls

The Novel

The cover of the english manga

The Japanese Movie

Basilisk is originally a Japanese manga created by Futaro Yamada and later on because of the millions of readers that bought the manga it became an animated series, a Japanese movie “Shinobi: Heart Under Blade”, a licensed English manga and an English novel. It is the story of the struggle of two ninja clans; the Kouga and the Iga who have been fighting against each other for hundreds of years. Only a covenant of peace lies between their existence and their destruction. Once this covenant was destroyed, an all out war ensued between the two clans. Caught in the middle of it all are the two heirs of the clans that are in love with each other, Oboro of Iga and Gennosuke of Kouga. The story is very violent and has mature content but its really interesting and it will make you want to know what will happen next. This is one of my favorite anime among Bleach, Naruto and Death Note because of the great story and the great characters. Gennosuke is strong and determined to change the outlook of his fellow Kouga while Oboro is na├»ve and delicate but in the face of danger can summon her strength to face the enemy.
You can buy the dvd or vcd of this anime in any comic alley branch or side vendors in avenida, recto and quiapo. The English manga and novel are available in National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked. Only the Japanese manga is unavailable here in the phil i think.