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Pao Pao Xiao Chi @ MoA: Mirukuh Teee (Milk Tea)

For this Weekend Adventure, the food explorers visit Pao Pao Xiao Chi in Two Ecom near Mall of Asia to try out their Milk Tea. ^_^

Pao Pao Xiao Chi is located in another building that's quite near Mall of Asia. It's in the same area, just 2 buildings away. You have to pass One Ecom before you get to Two Ecom. hehe

Got all sweaty after walking so far. Gaah

Once we got there, We ordered 4 drinks. I got a voucher from Metrodeal that sold the drinks for half their price. :)

While waiting for our drinks to be mixed up, we took a bunch of photos. :D

These are the drinks we ordered. To be honest, I don't remember the flavors we ordered. We went there 2 years ago!

My brother Bingo just doesn't smile.

My other brother Duane doesn't care for a photo either. :P

The shop is pretty cute. Mostly green walls with purple and orange overhead. I was pretty satisfied with the flavor of the milk tea I got. (I think I got wintermelon) But yeah that's mostly it. It doesn't compare to Gong Cha but it's still pretty good, specially for the price. :)

Pao Pao Xiao Chi
G/F Two E-Com Plaza
Near Mall of Asia

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Carmelita Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan +Duane Carlo Pagulayan +Renz Pagulayan
Visited: August 2013