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David's Tea House @MoA: Good Food and Good Service

For this Weekend Adventure, the Food Explorers visit David's Tea House at SM Mall of Asia for some affordable Chinese fare.

Thanks to +MetroDeal Philippines, we got to eat here at a discount! Only had to pay around 600 for 1200 worth of food. hahaha :D That's just half the price!!

The place is actually quite packed when we got there. I like their white and red neon lights all over the place.

The service at this place is pretty good too. As soon as we sat down they set up the table for us. There are four of us that day, I just didn't have enough of a wide angle lens to get all 4 plates.

We ordered a Lychee juice,  Mango shake, Lemonade and a Coke. We thought my sister would make it to the place.

While waiting for the food, of course we had to take some commemorative pictures! I think we took too much. wahaha


My Mom and Me


My brother Bingo, is always either just staring blanky at the camera or smiling like the joker. Rarely does something in between. :P

I was surprised at seeing someone pour soup for us. :D 

This is all the food 600 pesos can buy through Metrodeal. Aww Yeaah!

We ordered a whole bunch of food. We got crispy pata, pancit canton, sweet and sour pork, buttered sauteed mushrooms, pork chop with rice, birds nest soup, and some asado siopao.

I like this garnish made out of a cucumber. tsscuute. :)
We went here to celebrate my brother's birthday even when the actual day has already passed.
He's a good sport. It's always fun to go out with the family anyway. :)


Happy Birthday Duane! ^_^

Overall, we really liked the food. The best one for me was their Pancit Canton. :D It was very nice. It tasted great, it didn't taste too salty. The service was quick and the crew were friendly. I wish I can find another voucher as good as this one.  :D

David's Tea House
G/F SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 556-0204

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Carmelita Pagulayan +Duane Carlo Pagulayan +Renz Pagulayan
Visited: August 30, 2013