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Publiko @Eastwood: Where you can Eat + Drink

For this Weekend Adventure, the Food Explorers visit Publiko: Eat + Drink in Eastwood City to check out their burgers and other fare.

Publiko is a bar and restaurant that serves American food like burgers but along with all kinds of other fare. They are located along Eastwood City Walk just next to Pho Hoa.

I was feeling all detective-ey. I thought this cap resembled Sherlock's hat a lot. hahaha XD

The usual suspects: Me and my sister. :)

I found a voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy that is just P399 for P800 worth of food from here. So I bought two of those and went to the restaurant after making a reservation. ^_^

We got to order quite a lot with our P1600 worth voucher.

Crispy Calamari Rings P195 and Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli P135

Chips and Salsa P120

Margherita Pizza P325

Baked Lasagna P265

Bacon Cheeseburger P235

Publiko S'mores Cake P195

That's a total of 7 items from the menu!!!

Of course, don't forget to take photos with the food. We are officially FOODtographers. wahahaha

Publiko is one of those cool restaurants where you can drink booze and just hang out. We didn't drink any booze tho. The place was dimly lit, they had tables for large groups, and couch booths for a more intimate setting. They had almost everything from basketball to football on their big tvs.
The downside, it's a pub, it gets noisy. It's expected of course, drunk people get rowdy. :)

The best thing for me in the entire meal was the S'mores Cake. It's pretty much an ice cream cake since it had vanilla ice cream in between the graham layers. It was absolutely delicious! I really liked the dessert! The pizza and the burger were pretty good. They were both nice and juicy. The other items were mediocre at best.

Overall the food and the service is okay. The price isn't too bad too. Our total was just P1617 including service charge but look at all the food we got and we didn't even get to finish all of them in one sitting. (and aside from that I only paid P798 for the P1600 voucher ) We had so much leftovers, we still had food for the next day!

If you're in Eastwood and you want to hang out at a cool resto, Publiko wouldn't be a bad choice. :D

Publiko Eat + Drink
Eastwood City Libis
2/F Eastwood City Walk 1,
Eastwood City, Q.C.

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited: October 12, 2013


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