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Buffalo Wings n' Things Glorietta 5: The First Wing

For this Weekend Adventure, the explorers visit Buffalo Wings n' Things in Glorietta 5.
Let's Eat!
I got the voucher for the discount from +ADeals. PH  :)

Now you know how Glorietta 5 looks like!
Before you get to the restaurant in Glorietta 5, you have to cross the street from Glorietta 4. You can do this in two ways, cross on the ground level and be hindered by stop lights or you can go through the underground passage, which is waaay cooler! It's also their parking area. :P

When we got to the place, it's quite small. We went in and got a table for two at the corner.

They have this cool "prank" where they embedded forks and knives in the cement floor. So when you look down, you'll think that you dropped it, and when you try to pick it up you'll realize it's IN THE FLOOR! Brilliant! :D Sorry for not posting a pic of the floor. :P

One cool thing to note is that they only cook the wings when you order so it's always hot and delicious when you get it.

So, what do you order at a restaurant named Buffalo Wings n' Things? Wings of course!
They serve one sauce for every 1 pound of wings you order. Each pound of wings costs P284.
As for which sauce, you have a bunch of sauces to choose from. They have Honey BBQ, Kpop, and a set of really spicy sauces where you would need to sign a waiver in order to try it.

The old Menu
Click this link to see their new menu:

Talk about try at your own risk!

Since we don't want to sign any waiver, we just got the lower level of spice sauce, The Rookie and also got Garlic Parmesan.

The Rookie

Garlic Parmesan
We also got their dirty rice, which is part of the "Things" menu. haha And no pic, we sorta ate it before I remembered to take a photo. :) Also, when you order wings the dips are not free. But even if you have to pay for it, do get the honey mustard sauce. It's an absolutely perfect partner for the rookie flavored wings! :D

Before the food arrives

Great food
Delish sauces
Quick Service

None really. :D

Overall: Awesome
Next time we're gonna try the other sauces. :)

Buffalo's Wings N' Things
2/F Glorietta 5, Office Dr
San Lorenzo, Makati

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited March 29, 2014