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Uncle Cheffy: Juicy BBQ Beef

For this special Weekend Adventure, the entire Gulay Gang went to Uncle Cheffy at Prism Plaza for a family bbq dinner. :)

The Gulay Gang: Bingo, Duane, Papa, Me, Mayell and Mama
Thanks to +CashCashPinoy, we got to eat here at a discount. :)

We got a set meal which includes the following: All Meat BBQ Platter, Rice, Salad Bowl, and Iced Tea Carafe. Double that and that's what we had for dinner.
The value for each set is P1,095, so a total of P2,190. But I only paid 1600.

And here are more pics.

The food was okay, the bbq beef was really soft and tender that it fell apart with just a fork. It was really tasty too. 

But the wait time for the food was quite long. we had two carafes of iced tea and some salad. The was was so long that we almost finished it off before the main dish arrived.

Great tasting bbq
Great view

Serving Size
Long wait time

Overall: Okay
Definitely worth spending time and money for the great taste of the food. :)

Uncle Cheffy
4F Two E-Com centre
Prism Plaza

Visited: March 30, 2014


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