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Uber Rider Experience: My experience riding with Uber ~ Free 300 credits

Hey there!

This is an overall review of my experience riding with Uber for the past few months.


First time I heard of Uber was back in May 2014, because of an article that popped up in my News Feed about Black Taxis in London having a protest against Uber.

So I went ahead and read more about this app that's causing so much trouble in another country. I then found out that it's just a car service that get payment thru credit cards.

I thought to myself,"I have a credit card! Why not?" So I signed up. And I just used a random free code posted by someone who left a review on the app download page.

And that was when it all started. 

The first time I rode was just for a short distance because the rate of Uber at that time was still pretty pricey.

It was at 120 for the base fare. So it cost me 129 credits out of the free 300.

It was a quick ride. The driver was very nice. The car was new and the idea of the app really appealed to me.

I then signed up my sister's phone and we got 600 credits total. 300 for her and 300 for me since I used my share code. 

And from then on, we kept using Uber. Every weekend.


The uber drivers are mostly family driver or previous taxi drivers and most of them know their way around the city. Some don't. So you have to direct them turn by turn.

I prefer the tenured drivers of course, always give them 5 stars in feedback.

Twice I rode with stupid drivers who have no idea where we are going. They went all around the city hiking up the uber fare up to 200+
But after a Fare Review I got the right fare which should be 150 and got my money back. ^_^


The first cars we got were just the regular sedans, nothing too fancy.
But you can see that the cars are new and even have plastic on some parts of it. 

The nicest cars I got to ride were probably the Red Mini Cooper and the Nissan Teana. Didn't get to take a photo of the Teana though. We were too preoccupied with the moon roof feature. hahaha

Me and My sister next to the Uber Red Mini Cooper

Here's a photo of a Nissan Teana's roof in case you're wondering:
Nissan Teana Image from the Nissan website


The regular fare of Uber is generally affordable for someone who usually rides a taxi.
Taxi rates are now at 45 pesos for flag down. Just not sure about their rate per km and minute. 

But for UberX it's cheaper or just the same rate. But you're riding a car! ^_^

This is the rate of Uber X:

This is the rate of Uber Black

The only part that I hate with uber is the Surge Pricing, where they have an increase in the fare when there is high demand for cars. Usually during rush hour.

Some people have apprehensions entering their credit card number in anything a website or an app. And I don't blame them. There are a lot of malicious apps and websites out there. But Uber is not a malicious app. It's totally legit. I only get charged when I don't have free credits. And it always has a receipt after I ride an uber car. You can also check your trips on the rider page of uber.com


Here's a photo of a trip summary:

The trip summary has everything you need to know about your trip. The time and date of the trip, where you were picked up, where you got dropped off, amount per minute and amount per kilometer. Car type, driver, trip duration, total distance. It also shows here that I didn't get charged coz I only used my free credit. ^_^

Overall: Uber is Awesome
I've told almost everyone at work about it. 
I posted about it on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Also posted on Couchsurfing. Most of my co workers now use Uber regularly because of me. ^_^

I want everyone in Manila to know and try out Uber.
If you haven't tried Uber yet, please don't waste any more of your time and try it out now!

Use this code to get free 200 pesos in credits:

Or you can register here:

You can ride just a short distance, and keep using the free credits while it lasts. 

Uber on!