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Dial Coconut Water Body Wash and Dial Coconut Water Soap - Sample Review

Here's my review of the Dial Coconut Water line.

Dial Coconut Water Soap

The Dial coconut water soap has a nice scent that reminds you of your coconut shake obsession back in the summer. I really like this scent, and the scent remains after washing. 

The soap lathers well when used and leaves the skin soft and slippery after rinsing.
The slippery feeling is somewhat annoying because you feel like you need to rinse your skin more after washing. But once you dry your self with a towel, skin feels soft and smooth to touch. Like when you applied lotion but it's already absorbed by the skin.

I also tried the body wash and I prefer that form over the bar soap because it's more convenient and you get to use less of it in a long period of time. The bar soap sort of melts and you only get to use it for a short amount of time before it's gone

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash

Same comments as the soap form. The scent is very nice and remains on your skin after washing. 
It also feels slippery after rinsing but leaves skin soft and smooth once towel dried.

The main difference is the form and it's all up to you if you want to go with the shower gel form or with the bar soap. I prefer the gel form because it's easy to lather all over the body once you put a drop of it on a loofah. 

I like both products and definitely recommend you to try them out. :)

I got both samples from Sample Room
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