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Craters on my Face

Have you had Chicken Pox before? Well if you haven’t and you have no idea what chicken pox is well then go read about it somewhere but if you had well then you can definitely relate to me.. heehee
Well the thing is, there are huge craters on my face and whole body that are left there because of the chicken pox, and these craters are called pockmarks. I hate those pockmarks especially the ones on my face. People said that chicken pox will always leave marks and that you shouldn’t be scratching them. I didn’t want to believe them but later on it did happen and my god was I pissed. My face is ruined! I look pretty good before and I don’t have any pimples or anything on my face if I may say so myself. But now its gone, coz I have craters!
Well, at least I’m alive, a long time ago people die while having chicken pox. And because of the Chicken Pox, I had an excuse for not going to school recently so its good. :) And I still look cute anyways. :)