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To Like or Not to Like

When somebody likes you and they tell it to you, what do you do?
I don’t know what to do actually . But someone did do that, I mean a lot of someones and I all I did was ignore it. You see I’m just so stupid when it comes to this love/like business.

When I was still a kid, Like is equivalent to Infatuation and crush. It means that you are just attracted to a person’s appearance or that you like a certain something about that person but that is just it. You don’t tell the person you like that you like him.

One time in elementary, a high time of slum books and all those other stuff that kids bother with, I wrote in the slum book of a classmate that I have a crush on Lester. Lester is a smart, tall, good-looking, nice and funny which is everything I like in a guy. Then I guess Lester read that entry of mine and knew the fact that I like him. As it turns out he likes me too. So he started treating me to free food and walked me home a lot. At that time, I thought he was simply being nice. I didn’t really think that he was already courting me. Because I didn’t realize that he was doing what he was doing Lester later on gave up. Well it turned out to be for the best since Lester is now a full time homosexual with a hunky boyfriend. Hahaha

When I got into High school, I got so introverted that I scarcely talk to any boys. Just boys, coz I get shy when I talk to them. Gays are alright and girls too but boys are just so… nevermind.
So anyway nothing much happened in high school. I still had a few crushes but mostly stars and anime characters. Oh and I also had a huge crush on Christian, a smart, nice, talkative, funny, creative,and disciplined person who also can sing really well. But I didn’t tell him I like him. Nor did I write it in a slumbook. Although I think he knows. By 4th year in High school I got better from being introverted (I think) coz I can talk to anyone (boys, and girls) plus I got smarter. Especially in choosing guys. So by high school, my standards got much higher. My type of guy should be able to cook, good in a sport (could be anything though), can fix things or make things (example I need a table and there are wood and tools available he can make it), and can play games well. It was in high school that I started playing games in play station and computer. I was really impressed with players that have a high level playing ability. It was probably because of my love for gaming and interest in computers that I took up IT in college. Well, I’ll continue this story some other time..  bye