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Favorite Food: Vienna Bakery’s Creampuff

At the corner of Carlos Palanca st. near Sm Quiapo is a small bakery that is always filled with its patrons. Although it small, Vienna Bakery makes up with its wide selection of delicious breads. There are breads like cheese cakes, egg pies, buns, pianono, donuts, fudge slice, hopia baboy and munggo, tastey breads that are long and short, empanada, and of course creampuff.
I love the creampuff bread so much because its got the right kind of sweetness for me. And the sweet tast of custard contrasts with the unflavored bread that brings out the taste of the filling. My favorite creampuff is just 10.50 that was formerly 10 but they increased the price because so many people were buying it. Majority of the students in the IT dep of FEATI are regular customers of Vienna Bakery and always buy creampuffs. Which just shows how the creampuff fever has spread. Hehehe