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July Harry Potter Mania

Who could have thought that it would happen, two grand Harry potter events in just one month!!!!
Well the promoters must have thought about it because it happened. Within a span of a week the 5th installment of the Harry Potter movies premiered on July 16, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, and a couple of days later the last installment of the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was released.

I was like, WAAAH!! Harry looks better this time, compared to the long hair look in the goblet. And the perk in this movie is that there is a kissing scene between harry and cho chang, I finally get to see Daniel kiss!! Of course, in my mind cho chang is deleted from the scene and replaced by me so its all good. Uh huh..(^^,)
My sister and I watched the movie togeteher for about two times and it was sort of boring, and leaves you hanging. In short, BITIN! Nakakaasar!, Grabe!! But still you have to compliment movie makers for creating the movie consistent ith the imagery that they have made before. Plus, they botherred to make "Creature, the thestrals, and grawp! I was always wonderinwhat a thestral would look like (oowwss, do nga???) hehe they definitely look scary. not that I am scared or anything.

The book on the other hand, The deathly hollows is still an unknown variable for me, meaning di ko pa nababasa. Ang mahal naman kasi noh!! 1400!! ang baon ko kada araw 100 lang, tas kulang pa un, kaya di ako makaipon. Which is why kailangan kong makahanap ng e-book or pdf ng harry ptter7 para malaman ko na kung ano na ba ang kahihinatnan ni Harry at ang kaniyang kalaban na si Voldemort.. Sa totoo lang gusto kong mamatay si voldemort, xempre laging ganun naman diba? mamamatay ang kalaban in the end. pero ewan natin, beliw din si jk rowling eh, pinatay si dumbledore. Adik!!! Baka nga patayin pa nya si Harry Potter eh.. ah ewan, titingnan ko na lang pag mabasa ko..

Dear Harry,

If ever that you will die in your fight against voldemort dont worry, im going to bring you back to life. Kasi isusulat lang naman diba? kaya isusulat ko dun sa libro na "And Harry Potter was reborn" un na!!!
Love yah harry!!!


Carla ^_^