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Mangaholix Manga Mania &Toycon

Mangaholix Manga Mania

It was free!!!!
There was a cosplayer that reaaaaally looked like "L"!!!!!
Alodia cosplayed as Amane Misa
almost complete chars of Death note: L, Raito, Misa and Mikami!!!
Lots of free food, no need to buy. since the supermarket is too crowded anyways
Lots of cosplayers, of course da best ung death note!!!
May mga banda pero walang tumugtog ng anime.
Lupit ni Doraemon sumayaw!!!
Favorite group cosplay: Illusion Brigade, Hanep sa fighting scenes!!
Tas lupit pa ng Fire works!!!
And last, Tumugtog pa ang session road, orange at lemons at itchyworms..
dun sa kabilang venue, concert ng Globe.. ;)

Toycon in Megamall

We went there around 3 pm and the cosplayers were already lining up.
Entrance Fee was 75.00
I guess it was sorta worth it.
Lots of cosplayers but most of them we already saw in Mangaholix
No praise worthy deathnote cosplayers, coz I already saw the best in Mangaholix
Fave cosplayers: Cute Sasuke, Chibi Gon, Large Yojimbo, and a very high tech Kakashi
Lots of Life size figures of Comic book superheroes like superman, batman, etc.
Bok and Nina of Barkada Trip was there!!!
Alodia was a Host of this con..
There were bands that played anime music!! Yeah!!

That's it.. haha