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The new youtube..

The video site that people almost always go to here at school and everywhere else in the phil is usually youtube. Its really popular really, its impossible for someone to go in an internet shop and not see one or two people logged on to youtube. The problem though for me is that youtube can not be accessed at our school, FEATI because a lot of guys log on it and watch porn. I log on youtube to watch anime ut since I cant access it at school I went to look for other video sites that have anime and lo and behold, I found livevideo.com.
Its sort of the same actually just better because I can access it through the school internet connection. hihihi

I always download videos from youtube so when I found livevideo i looked for a site that can download the videos from there and then I found http://www.feelingtea.com/decode/google/
Enjoy watchin videos! (",)