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I Dream of DeathNote

The first time I ever known about deathnote was in a forum that i saw on friendster. Almost all the threads were about deathnote, all of them were blabbing about how cool L is and how deceitful Raito is, ut to me at that time it was all nonsense coz I have no idea what the hell Death Note is.
So, when I chanced upon a site where you can download death note manga.. well i downloaded it right away, at least up to volume 4... And when I read, it was like love at first read.. hihi..The story is really great. I cant stop reading until i reached the end of the volume i got and i couldnt wait to finish it.. Raito is just so cool and L is co Kawaii!! they are both smart and good-looking and both have their own quirks ut still i love em. Although I hated the ending, as well as the part that L died its still a good read.. I read the whole 12 volumes in less than 48 hours.. no sleep for me, coz i really was addicted to it at that time.



"Yagami Raito"

Then there was the anime and the movie and i was just awestruck, deathnote is so freakin cool!! And add to that the really cool cosplayers that I saw in mangaholix. The L and Misa cosplayers seemed as though they jumped out of the anime.. They really looked the part.. And being a fan of L, and seeing someone who can portray him so perfectly, i felt as though Im in heaven and I could die in that spot!! ^_^
But now after several months i think i already got rehabilitated coz im not as crazy of death note as i was before. Still, death note will stay in my dreams always.