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Me and the P40 Shakey's Pizza and some Mojos

On March 16, Supercard holders across Manila were able to avail of the P40 Pizza from Shakey's to celebrate the 40 years of awesomeness. And since I'm a supercard holder, I also availed of the deal. 
This is basically me sharing with you what I got on that day. :D

It was a bit of a pinch for me to get to a Shakey's restaurant coz it was a Monday, and my work ends at 9pm, so I had first search for a branch of Shakey's that doesn't close by 9pm. Thankfully there was a branch of Shakey's at El Pueblo that closes at 12 midnight. It's also on the way home, so I hitched a ride with Claire. Aww yeah. :D

Basically, I just showed up, told the waitress I'm getting the P40 Pizza and sat down at an empty table. I didn't even need the menu. 

The place wasn't as jam packed as I thought. I was imagining hordes of people crowding the restaurants to get a cheap pizza. haha

So I ordered one pizza and one serving of mojos. So I'm pretty much covered.

This is the set of mojos I ordered. I also added a ton of parmesan in the honey mustard dip. It was awesssssssooooooooommmee!!

I got the mojos first before I got the pizza. It's only the personal sized pizza but I was still pretty stuffed after eating everything. Shakey's pizza is pretty good, but I really prefer their hand tossed pizza to the thin crust. :D

It was a pretty good deal, and I suuure hope they do it again, even if it isn't their anniversary. 

Til next time. :)

Visited: March 16, 2015