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I got a free L'oreal Mat Magique!

This is a giveaway promo of L'oreal Paris Philippines and I first saw it on Instagram.

Basically you just have to regram the photo that L'oreal shared and you can win a free L'oreal Mat Magique. It's supposed to give you up to 12 hours of matte perfection because of the volcanic perlite that absorbs the sebum on your skin. :)

Now, when they originally posted the winners. I didn't find my name on the list.
But when I looked closer, I saw that there were A LOT of duplicates. I even noted the duplicates on the winners photo they posted.

I posted this on their wall and I told them that since they have a lot of duplicates, can they pick me instead. I did this just as a last ditch effort because I thought it was unfair. I made the comment on their facebook page and on instagram.

But thankfully they noticed the duplicates, and added me as a winner. XD

Oh, and just so you know. I claimed this item on the same day as the Soiree of Covergirl. That's why I'm wearing the exact same top. The makeup is the same too. XD

And here's the product. The shade I got is a bit lighter than my skin to make my skin brighter.

Super thanks to +LOreal Paris Philippines for the free Mat Magique! XD