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IHOP @MoA: Love dem Pancakes and Butter Pecan Syrup!

For this Weekend Adventure, the food explorers try out the overly hyped pancakes of International House of Pancakes aka IHOP at Mall of Asia. :)

There was a time that I hear IHOP had lines of people that want to eat here. And that you had to spend at least an hour in line if you want to eat. But I guess the hype died down pretty quickly. XD

So I got the voucher we used from +Ensogo and I'm really impressed with the restaurants that they get recently. Pretty darn good ones.

Anyway, so since it was our first time at IHOP. We didn't really know what to order. So we just got what you would probably get at the International House of Pancakes, we got pancakes.

Buttermilk Pancakes, stack of three

There were also four different types of syrups right at the table: Old fashioned syrup, Blueberry syrup, Strawberry syrup, and Butter Pecan Syrup.

We tried all of them but the one syrup that made us go "Ohh my gawd" was the Butter Pecan. The old fashioned syrup was okay. The blueberry and strawberry syrups both taste like Tempra. Too artificial. But the Butter Pecan, was amazing.

Delish butter pecan syrup!

We got a Breakfast Sampler for P395. It included the pancakes. And it also had a lot of protein. Two eggs, hash browns, two bacon strips, two pork sausage links and two pieces of ham,

We also got the Chicken and Waffles for P295. Obviously, it has fried chicken and waffles on a plate with some butter. :D The waffles were no biggie, they're just the same batter as the pancake and just in a different form. The chicken were fully cooked and crispy on the outside while juicy inside.

Hey there, how you doin?

For dessert we tried something we've never seen before. A FRIED CHEESECAKE! It's the Crispy Strawberry Banana Cheesecake at P245

It looked pretty good. But it was too oily and weird when we ate it. The fruits were okay tho.

And no we didn't finish everything. We purposefully saved some leftovers for the next day.

Overall, this restaurant is okay. I absolutely loved their pancake with the butter pecan syrup. But the idea of spending so much just for pancakes and breakfast isn't really a good idea for me. My sister can make pancakes just as fluffy as IHOP's. XD But I'll miss the butter pecan syrup.
I'll most likely come back when a voucher is available again. :)

IHOP Restaurant
SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd
02 5510690

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited: February 1, 2015