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BDJ Soiree: Ready, Set, Gorgeous! with CoverGirl

Got an exclusive invite to attend this year's first BDJ Box Beauty Soiree at the Open Space in Makati.
It's titled Ready, Set, Gorgeous!
The event is sponsored by CoverGirl Cosmetics and they taught us how to use the new line of cosmetics from CoverGirl, the Ready, Set, Gorgeous! Line.

The RSG line is composed of three main products to get a quick no retouch look for the day.
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First is the Ready, Set, Gorgeous! Liquid Foundation, it comes in several shades and has medium coverage. Second is the Ready, Set, Gorgeous! Pressed Powder. Third is the Ready, Set, Gorgeous! Concealer that comes in a liquid tube, which is similar to a lip gloss container.

BDJ also invited makeup guru and youtuber, Say Artillero to show us how to use the new products.

Say demonstrated how to use the products on Janna. :D
Here's me before ANY makeup. Scary isn't it?

Here's my photo after everything. I'm not too confident in what I did to myself but what the heck.
I know, I got photoshopped. XD
I also got the prize for winning the 7 day challenge for December BDJ Box during the event . :D

You can play around with props at their photo booth section. ^_^

Thanks +BDJ Box Team and +COVERGIRL for the chance to try out the new products! XD