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I won the #StartwithXenical Promo!

I just want to share my latest contest win.
I recently won the Start with Xenical Promo.
The Grand Prize is worth P40,000
This is the highest value prize I've ever won. EVER.

Start with Xenical

To join the promo, I had to do the following:

1. Register at http://www.newyou.com.ph.
2. Once registered, log in and click here to fill out the #StartWithXenical promo form.
3. Take selfie or a photo of yourself holding a sign with this statement: “I am (put your name here) and I choose to #StartWithXenical.”
4. Answer the question, “How do you think beyond weight loss?”

And this was my entry (click the image to enlarge):

After a few weeks, I got the notice that I won! :D

I won the following:

2 month supply of Xenical
Free one year gym membership
Fitness Apparel shopping spree worth 10,000

So now I'm just waiting for the notice on how I'm going to claim my prizes. :D


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