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MADECA @Podium: My Appetite Digests Everything, Carbs and All. Filipino - Mexican food Restaurant

Me and the Roasted Bell Pepper Quesadillas
For this Weekend Food Adventure, my fellow explorer Lace and I visit MaDeCa for the very first time. MaDeCa actually stands for something else, but I thought I should write a different meaning to the acronym just for funsies. :P

MaDeCa was named based on the Galleon Trade route from Manila to Acapulco (MAnila DE aCApulco). They offer a wide array of FilMex cuisine. Which is the first time I've encountered Filipino Mexican food anywhere. They combined the ever popular Sisig with a burrito. And we now have a sisig burrito. They took Lechon Kawali and also placed it in a burrito. They took normal Chicken Salpicao and combined it with a taco, so they have a Sapicao taco!! It's friggin brilliant! 

Their restaurant has a lot of red, white and green colors, similar to the Mexican Flag. The place is filled with square red/white/green pillows too. Comfy and homey. Me likey.

We used a P500 voucher from +Deal Grocer :D and we got to order a few things from their menu. 

The number for your meal is a carved wooden number! How cool is that?

We ordered a few things:
Fish Soft Tacos
Sisig Soft Tacos
Roasted Bell Pepper & Caramelized Onions Quesadillas
Lechon Kawali Burrito
Iced Tea

Fish Soft Tacos

Roasted Bell Pepper & Caramelized Onions Quesadillas

Lace and her Fish Tacos

Sisig Soft Taco

Lechon Kawali Burrito

Failed Close up of the Lechon Kawali Burrito


Iced Tea

Best things that we tried: the Sisig taco and Lechon Kawali Burrito. The sisig was still crunchy and well seasoned. Really matches well with the sour cream and the tomatoes. The Lechon Kawali was really flavorful despite there being so little chunks in the burrito. Still crispy too!
The Fish taco and Roasted bell pepper quesadilla were just so so. The sides were really good. It's just sour cream, tomatoes and chips. But they're still friggin awesome. The iced tea was also fabulous, and it comes in a fabulous mason jar and a cool wooden pallet for a coaster!

Overall, I'm definitely coming back. and I will keep coming back to MaDeCa. With or without vouchers. The food is awesome here either with the tacos or with rice. And if you haven't tried them out yet, you'd better!

The Podium
5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 234-5233

+Ana Carla Pagulayan +Lace de Dios

September 28, 2013