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Product Review: New Olay Body Wash from Sample Room

Getting a full sized product from Sample room is always awesome and getting the full sized Olay Beauty Wash is even Awesomer. The packaging was nice and it came with a loofah for each bottle!

Olay Deep Moisture with Honey

Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract

On to the review of the Body wash. The first thing I liked when I used this wash is the scent. It's nice. I'm not too good in describing the scent but I liked it. next observation is that it's consistency is not too gooey. It's light. If you use just the body wash straight on your skin, it's can be spread easily and can wash off well.

But the downside of that is the lather, you need to add more of the body wash on the loofah. The common conception is that the bubblier the loofah the better. Because of this I ended up squeezing more of the body wash on the loofah after just washing half of my body because the bubbles had run out.

Final observation is the effect on my skin. Definitely similar to the feel of my face after washing it with the Olay facial wash, which I also use. My skin is soft after drying it with a towel and doesn't feel stretched or squeaky clean. Which is good, so I don't have to put a layer of lotion to make my skin soft. I hate having to put on lotion after shower. This helps me skip a step in my routine every morning.

The main difference of the two body washes that I tried is their scent. I prefer the scent of the honey wash over the pearl wash. Supposedly the honey has a deep moisture effect and the pearl one is for whitening. But I don't see the difference on my skin on the whitening aspect. I can't clearly discern any difference in the effect on my skin aside from the fact that it is softer after using either of them.

Thanks for the sample, Sample Room!

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